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Air Conditioning Units Advice

Installing the right sorts of air conditioning office units in any business can ensure that the working environment for those in the room will be a pleasant one for them to work in. Also if a business installs the right sorts of units in their offices they are preventing moisture building up which can have an adverse effect on their staffs productivity levels.

When a business is thinking about buying air conditioning units for their office spaces there are a number of factors which need to be considered beforehand. Along with the size of the room in which the system is to be placed they need to look at how many windows the office has and how many employees will be in the room during the normal working day.

Along with these factors there are other things that a business owner needs to consider before they buy the system and things that they should know about office air conditioning units. The more they know about these systems and how they work then they will make a more informed decision as to which system will be right for their requirements. In this article we look at some of the things any owner of business should know with regards to air conditioning units for an office.

1. What Is The Units BTU Rating? – The British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating tells you the amount of heat that the unit can effectively remove from any room. The ones that have the higher rating are the ones that can effectively remove more heat from the room easily. It is vital that the unit selected for any office space has a rating that is sufficient to cope with the size of the room in which it is to be installed, so the larger the room the higher the rating the unit should have. If you don’t then the working environment won’t be as pleasant for the people working in it as you would have hoped.

2. What Is The EER Number On The Unit? ” This is something that all businesses should be looking at closely as it is this which tells you how much energy the unit needs to power it so that it works effectively. The best types of units to get are those with as high an EER number on them as possible as these use far less energy to provide the power they need to function well. But unfortunately the higher the EER number on the office air conditioning units the more you will have to spend on them. In an office space the units should have an EER number of around 8 to 11.5.

3. How Is Temperature Controlled? – In most office air conditioning units they control the temperature using a heat sensor thermostat. This helps to automatically adjust the rooms temperature and can be done through using a control manually or which can be programmed. Ideally the units you install in an office should have variable speed fans attached as they can more efficiently cool the air which enters and exits the unit. Also it is worth considering spending a little more on the units for your office that come with a remote control, a timer and digital temperature readout.

4. How Easy Will The Unit Be To Maintain? – To reduce costs for maintaining such equipment look for ones that come with the filters that can be removed easily to be cleaned or replaced. If you go for these types of units they will work more effectively for considerably longer periods of time and will help to reduce how much is spent each year on maintaining them.

5. How Does The Unit Expel Air? ” Not only do you want office air conditioning units that remove air quickly but also with very little noise. Again the best types of units to select for an office are those which come with variable speed fans and which work along with an adjustable thermostat unit. Also ensure that the louvers on the unit move not only from side to side but also up and down.